Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sweet Solitude News!!!

Just thought I would do a little update to keep you all posted on activities here at Sweet Solitude HQ.

Firstly, I have a release coming out on Richard's label (Deadline Recordings??) for my new (yes another new project!) HNW project 'Goon Docks'. This is my tribute to one of the greatest films of the 1980's - 'The Goonies'. This release will be called 'Sloth Loves Chunk'.

On Sweet Solitude, I h...
ave a HUGE new batch in the works. This will include:

3 New Infinity Series releases: Reeducation, Poseitrone & Vilgoc.

Gluttoness - Natural Disasster (CD & DVD)

Debut releases on 'Shades Of Grey'

New releases from Small Hours, Carrie & Love Katy (if I can finish them that is...)

Also, from the artist that bought you 'Tarawa', comes 'Auschwitz-Birkenau' a huge 8 CD boxset!!!!!!

These should be ready (fingers crossed) sometime in January...

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