Saturday, 27 November 2010

Out Now - Dead Body Collection - Maggotkind (Ode To Dying Mankind)

Sweet Solitude is proud to announce its first release: 'Dead Body Collection - Maggotkind (Ode To Dying Mankind)'.

Dead Body Collection is Dr Alex's HNW project from Serbia. He is fast becoming one of the most respected and prolific wallers in the scene. For Sweet Solitude's first release, he has recorded something special.

'Maggotkind' is a single DVDr release containing one track. The track runs for nearly 7hrs!!! - 'Humanity was created in 7 days, and it will be destroyed in 7hrs'!!!

Edition of 18 copies. Price 10 Euros (including worldwide shipping - Payment through Paypal Only). Trades welcomed!! Contact me if interested (contact details in About Me Section of the Blog)

More releases coming soon

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